Choosing the right name helps you to achieve your ambitions and succeed in life.


There is a Chinese proverb:-


‘Instead of giving your child gold, teach them a skill; instead of teaching them a skill, give them a good name’ 


In other words, choosing the right name helps you achieve your ambitions and succeed in life.


ThatsMyName will ensure that you have a good English name!

Your name is a powerful expression of your personality, and it influences how people think about you, and engage with you. This can affect the opportunities given to you and the direction of your life.

For instance, we all form cognitive biases for and against certain names and the people who have these names. Sometimes, these cognitive biases – or the impression that you give someone – can affect the opportunities given to you and the direction of your life.


ThatsMyName is an ingenious and beautifully designed App from Perfect Ripple Studios that solves the problem of choosing the right English name.

The name choosing is cleverly organised around the 12 Chinese year animals. From a choice of 12 personality characteristics, you select 3 virtues that you want represented in your English name. For instance, you may choose ‘creative’, ‘ambitious’ and ‘determined’. The database then returns names that best embody these virtues.


How does this work?


Well, all names have associated personality characteristics and meaning. Many studies show this to be true. Through careful research using a combination of sources, from historical and cultural root meaning, empirical observation, through to numerology and letter correspondence, we have captured the characteristics associated with each name.


The result is a database that comprises the most popular female and male English names from the last 50 years. Old-fashioned and inappropriate entries have been removed, leaving names that are popular, modern and culturally acceptable. Finally, by matching their personality characteristics, we have been able to associate each name with the virtues of the 12 Chinese year animals.


For instance, if you wanted a name that represented someone who was ‘ambitious’, ‘logical’ and ‘confident’, the database will return Ryan, Samuel, Jason, and others. For girl names, ‘ambitious’, ‘logical’ and ‘confident’ would return Jessica, Sophia, Rosemary, and others.


User Interface for the whole process is thoughtful, engaging and fun. There is a ‘celebration’ at the end of the name choosing process, and you are presented with a formal naming certificate – signed and stamped right in front of your eyes! The certificate provides a summary of useful information about your English name, including pronunciation, which you are invited to share with your friends and family.


The Premium version gives you unlimited access to the database, and you can go through the selection process as many times as you want.


Free Version


Premium Version

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Premium Version